Ministero della Cultura and Regione Emilia Romagna

For the three-year period 2022-2024,
DNA is among the companies recognised by the MIC – Ministry of Culture
and won the Emilia Romagna Region’s call for live performance activities.

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DNA Massimo Mantovani

“We are excited, grateful, proud, to announce that DNA has been included among the companies supported by the MIC – Ministry of Culture for the three-year period 2022-24.
Here comes an institutional recognition that we have won pebble by pebble, over many years of hard-earned sacrifices, obstinate research, deep devotion, tireless work, immense and deep love for this life project. Thank you to all the dancers who participated in this journey when it was still on the high seas and the shore was not in sight, to the trusted collaborators who espoused the utopian cause, to the public who did not let us down for a second, to the participants in dream workshops, to the theatres, festivals, and institutions who gave us their trust by grasping the meaning of this infinite exploration. Thanks to the family that has been created over time and that feeds us day after day.
DNA evolves through error and so we chose this important name that shows us the way: to see in the stumble an opportunity to observe things from a new point of view, always.
With heart and eyes full of emotion.”

Elisa Pagani, Carlotta Mandrioli, Camilla Vuolato