Project Description





“We all have a secret wound which we are fighting to avenge” – I. Calvino

Deepening the concept of guilt, the personal burden everyone bears as a cross, being inspired by Sicilian compositor Vincenzo Bellini’s masterpiece “Norma”.

The suffered wound is represented as a “baton” passed to the dancer, a wooden board, a burden, something to accept and embrace, trying to keep and adapt to the body as a sort of extension of the body itself. The coexistence of the body with this wooden board redefines balance and dynamics.

Possible stages of recovery are represented by observing the object, measuring its weight, learning to handle it, making it performative and able to change our perception.

The wound heals up and changes its nature, makes the lifeless object a sensitive being, a storyteller, an icon of liberation and a means though which the transformation is shown.

The wound and the wounded body are then reintegrated and absorbed through a social and shared action of filling, listening and carrying.