The Company

The aim of the creative work is to go through the depths of doubt to finally reach the truth of the Gesture.

A gesture made of flesh and bones, expressing the weight and the substance of the body in a perceived, unexplored – almost violated – space, but at the same time a space in constant interaction with the soul, that spread itself frenetically but faintly.

The aim of the poetics is to create a dynamic and vague texture, using the stratification and dismantling of gesture to highlight the roughest and most loyal aspects of the complex net of human relationships.

The key to interpretation of DNA choreographic creations is in the urge to give visibility to that realities that already exist deep inside us but haven’t found yet a way to express themselves.

On stage



She starts as a choreographer in 2005, working in theatre and dance theatre with several directors. In 2009 she establishes DNA, a contemporary dance company with many collaborations and awards to date. She’s the head of the contemporary dance bureau in Almadanza (Bologna) since 2016, and the artistic director of APP, a professional dance training program.