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Dance is a real act because it exists outside us, the body only serves to make it visible to the eyes.”

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Just as DNA mutates and evolves by preserving a useful error, the starting point of the creative process in accepting a faltering, a stumble: an opportunity to discover a hitherto ignored dynamic, which turns out to be more efficient, functional and progressive.

It is a dance made up of attempts at salvation, authenticity and honesty, in which truth is embraced in favour of an instinctive and ecological aesthetic.

The dancing body is immersed in a shared system that incessantly transforms itself, in search of its own redemption. Inevitably it takes in the narrative and leaves space for the spectator as an active, involved, absorbed observer.

Thus, many things emerge: human relationships and their discrepancies, the places of emotions, intimacy, growth and redemption, creating a dynamic environment within which the body allows itself to dance.

And it is precisely in that urgency to restore visibility to the realities that already exist within each one of us, but which have not found their own language yet, that the key to understanding DNA’s creations is defined.

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